A few years ago, crop circles made headlines because of their strange appearance in the middle of large fields. Newspapers, television, and radio all ran large segments on these unusual formations.

The circles were quite large ranging from about 50 to 75 feet in diameter. Crop circles became fodder at the water cooler and the local bar.

The circles and other configurations followed a similar pattern. The grass or crop was relatively unharmed except for the fact that all of the stalks were laying flat on the ground.

The contrast between the upright plants and the horizontal ones made the circles appear when view from above. Every blade or stalk was flat and pointing in the same direction. It appeared to be completely perfect in shape. This perfection led to the questions regarding their origins.

UFO’s became the primary suspect because the circles looked like they were made by something that just sat down in the middle of the field and then left by going straight up. All of a sudden, a few wise guys stepped forward and demonstrated how these circles and other shapes were created.

They claimed to make them by using a board with ropes or handles attached to the ends. The men would then push the plants down by stepping on the board as they went forward.

This caused the grass or crop to all fall in the same direction. By taking their time at night, the circles were created within an hour or two. Since they were able to demonstrate their technique, much of the speculation about UFO’s began to die down.

Crop circles are not really considered evidence of UFO’s by any thinking person today. Unless you find materials not produced on earth in significant quantities in or around a crop circle, you will only set yourself up for ridicule.

This myth has been considered debunked for more than a decade. Once people were shown how to do it, the circles began appearing all over the earth.

It would be a funny irony if sophisticated aliens were to figure out this hoax and take advantage of it. We may have unwittingly given UFO’s the perfect parking place to keep from being discovered. The reality is that it is unlikely that an alien vessel smart enough to reach earth would ever land on the solid part of the planet.

With three quarters of the earth covered with water, it is far more likely that any alien ship would choose the liquid medium for landing. In the oceans, the ships could hide much easier and allow the aliens to do their survey work of the planet in peace.

Even if liquid water were a problem, landing on the ice caps would give more anonymity than a farmer’s field.

When and if we ever land on a foreign planet with somewhat advanced life forms, it is probable that we will want to hide out for a while to make sure it is safe. Even alien germs would carry the possibility of death by infection.

By the time the leading research is completed, we would either have determined it to be safe to make contact, or be ready to move on and leave the creatures there alone to avoid conflict.

Beyond being a source of food or supplies, it is unlikely that our civilization and world would have much more appeal to advanced aliens than an ant farm to a child. It would make a great curiosity for a while but not for too long.

If they choose to feed off of our planet, we might be high on their list with over six billion humans to choose from. Most of the mineral supplies found on earth could be retrieved from asteroids and other bodies in the solar system without having to reveal themselves to us.

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