Are they amongst us? For centuries, the question remains unanswered. The fascination with UFOs and extraterrestrial life still remains.

Many destinations claim to offer a unique UFO and extraterrestrial experience but often fall short in regards to quality and authenticity.

Here are the best places in the world to search for extraterrestrials and UFOs.

Rachel, Nevada

Rachel, Nevada Area 51

Getting into Area 51 might prove a little more difficult than other places on this list. You can still enjoy searching for extraterrestrials and UFOs in neighboring town of Rachel. While it is small, Rachel’s enthusiasm for extraterrestrial life is unmatched.

The town offers a unique UFO hunting experience to the open-minded adventurer. You can stay at the extraterrestrial-themed Little A’Le’ Inn or in Rachel’s RV parks for a full camping experience.

Rachel is the only town along Route 375, better known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, and borders the UFO hotspot that is Area 51.

The town’s facilities offer maps that show the best places to legally visit at Area 51, which makes it an ideal stop in your UFO search. Rachel still experiences some unidentified sightings too!

Wiltshire, England

Wiltshire, England crop circles

Mysterious sightings and amazing crop circles? Wiltshire, England, offers an exciting option in your search for extraterrestrials and UFOs. Wiltshire is no stranger to interstellar enthusiasm, and is the most likely place on earth to experience a crop circle.

Wiltshire offers an annual display of these formations, of which only some are man-made.

Wiltshire is no stranger to extraterrestrial activity, with regular reports of unidentified sightings. It has been an ideal destination in the search for extraterrestrial activity since 1964, when a flock of pigeons was killed by a loud unexplained noise that hit the town. Ever since, the town has experienced repeated crop circle formations.

The phenomenon, which happens every summer, features unique and mind blowing designs that will be sure to tickle your extraterrestrial fancy. The town offers various exhibitions through the Crop Circle Exhibition & Information Centre that are easily accessible and informative.

As a bonus, Wiltshire is located only a mile away from Stonehenge. The mystical prehistoric rock formation, which has been identified as having extraterrestrial connections, will guarantee that your search for extraterrestrials is a full adventure.

 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona's beautiful clear skies

Sedona is a beautiful town that is located in Arizona. Sedona offers beautiful scenery, hiking challenges, aesthetic arts and crafts activities and a range of outdoors accommodation that provides you with a front row seat to the excitement.

Sedona’s clear skies and the tendency for UFO sightings, alongside its potential as a beautiful travel destination, make it a necessary stop on your UFO search. Sedona offers UFO sighting tours that are guaranteed to blow you away.

Unexplained sightings are so regular that some tours offer a money back guarantee.

Sedona’s UFO tours also offer an opportunity to interact with investigators and researchers of extraterrestrial activity, as well as a first hand interaction with abductees.

Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico UFO Museum and Research Centre

Hosting the International UFO Museum and Research Centre, this New Mexican town is an ideal place to visit on your search for extraterrestrials and UFOs. The museum, which was established by witnesses of the Roswell incident, is the world-leading source for information on extraterrestrial life.

The museum provides objective information on sightings, crop circles, and the Roswell incident. It hosts a UFO festival every first week of July for all UFO enthusiasts.

Roswell also offers guided tours with acknowledged researchers, as well as access to the controversial 1947 crash site. It regularly hosts extraterrestrial-themed exhibitions such as the Roswell Spacewalk that will afford you first-hand exposure to the UFO experience.

The town’s enthusiasm for UFOs is high, and it will provide you with unending excitement on your quest to find explore the extraterrestrial. Even the town’s McDonald’s restaurant is shaped like a flying saucer.

Joshua Tree, California

snowy mountain in the distance Joshua Tree, California

Joshua Tree is located at the convergence between two deserts, and offers a unique collection of plant and animal life. It has plenty of underground waterways, unusual rock formations and a starry sky.

Joshua Tree offers an increased likelihood of sighting, as it lies on the same Northern parallel as Roswell. It also features guided tours with UFOlogists, and a recent informative and entertaining workshop dubbed ‘Contact in the Desert’.


giant UFO sighting in Chile

Regular UFO sightings are not unusual in Chile. There are many acknowledged sightings of unexplained flights and phenomenon in the South American country. It may be the most likely place on earth to make a UFO sighting. Chile offers a great visual experience in a warm and friendly environment.

Chile offers a unique extraterrestrial experience, complete with UFO-themed tours, hotels and accessible observatories.

The Andes UFO tour explores the Andes, with a trained guide, and experienced on horseback. The Cerro Tololo and Paranal observatories offer cutting edge telescope technology to observe any possible sightings.

The ALMA radio observatory offers a unique sound-based search for UFOs. A stay at the Elqui Domos Astronomical Hotel comes with night time exploratory privileges in the most likely place on earth to experience UFO sighting. Chile provides an enjoyable approach to searching for extraterrestrial life.

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