UFO Movies have been popular for at least 40 years, originating with ET the movie.  The common conceptions and misconceptions of extra-terrestrials, from the theories and conspiracies of Area 51 in Texas, all the way to the imagery of aliens created by the common public, the entertainment industry, and science as a whole.

Let’s check out some of the most popular UFO movies and determine which seem to have the most appealing, practical, intriguing, and non-fiction to fiction encounters and themes of some of the most popular films!

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Original: 1951, Remake: 2008)

The Day The Earth Stood Still posters

The Day the Earth Stood Still is definitely both a classic and modernized movie created to demonstrate to society and its viewers a possible scenario in which UFO’s come to planet Earth to ‘cleanse’ it of its wrongdoers, environmental abuse, and to take back what it claims the Earth cannot handle—life and utilization of the planet without causing harm or destruction.

The 2008 remake was a very fascinating, in-depth look from a non-fiction manner at the idea of UFO’s coming to “repossess” planet earth for the ‘greater good’.

Starring Keanu Reeves, Director Scott Derikkson went above and beyond in applying both creativity, imagination, and social struggles to demonstrate a possible final outcome for the planet earth, it’s people, and the invading UFO’s in which utilized high performance and technology weaponry and techniques to ‘reposes’ planet Earth.

Alien v. Predator (2004)

Alien vs. Predator

Alien v. Predator, as it has multiple remakes and sequels, is a popular movie based around Scientists and archaeologists exploring Antarctica. Once UFO’s are discovered, a war of the worlds more or less begins as it becomes evident that only one greater power can win. This movie is action-packed, shows sophisticated alien-creatures to the viewers, and is an exhilarating film from nearly start to finish!

From recovering alien remains, to fighting an entirely different alien-species, Alien v. Predator is guaranteed to keep viewers on their feet, gasping, and wondering what might happen next as the nearly three worlds and species collide!

E.T.: The Extraterrestrial (1982)

Iconic picture from the movie Extraterrestrial (ET)

Hands down an American classic, ET is a movie based around the introduction, interactions, and challenges of a boy and his friends whom have stumbled upon a seemingly harmless extraterrestrial who crash-landed on earth and is simply seeking a way to return home.

Full of military action, UFO theme, and a race against time, ET is a classic all-time favorite movie that is action-packed and takes on the journey of a small little creature and his desire to return to his home planet without being captured and taken apart by Earthly scientists and military forces!

K-PAX (2009)

K-Pax movie poster

Starring Kevin Spacey, K-PAX is an awesome, exciting, and mind boggling psychological thriller about a man who’s become institutionalized, yet beyond the government or military’s knowing, seemingly possesses extra-terrestrial or unhuman strengths, powers, and talents!

While some call him crazy, Kevin Spacey continues his journey and relentlessly works to restore and put faith into those whom believe in his purpose and journey, all the while escaping any government or institutionalized obstacles, awaiting his return “home”.

K-PAX is undoubtedly a psychological thriller, and keeps viewers on edge from beginning to end! The ending conclusion? Is this extra-terrestrial indeed a superpower or being from another planet, or were the ideas and plans simply inside of his head and his head only?

MIB – Men in Black (1997)

Movie scene from MiB

Men in Black, coming to the public in multiple sequels and adventures, brings Will Smith and his partner Tommy Lee Jones on a long journey to fight extra-terrestrial powers and criminals in an underground world. From start to finish, all of the MIB movies keep viewers on the edge!

The MIB team is a secretive, government entity that fights alien crimes and is sent out to capture, prosecute, or return said offenders to their home-planets for ‘legal ramifications’. The catch is, identifying, locating, and capturing these aliens becomes quite the task, but can Will Smith and his long-time partner hold up against such a challenge and feat?

Using a multitude of advanced military and government weapons, the MIB team strives to be the country and worlds superpower in combatting evil, lying, condescending, and freaky aliens to maintain a balance between aliens and earthly human society!

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