I have put a lot of thought into the mysteries of the UFO phenomenon over the years. I would bet that I’ve been preoccupied with the subject for over 15 years now.

As might be considered common with UFO fanciers, I also have a running knowledge of conspiracies theories (both man-made and cosmic in nature.) As the years have gone by I’ve read up on the many accounts and theories as to what UFOs are, however the field of research seems to defy description.

This may be because the phenomenon exists mainly within the elusive recesses of the human mind, beyond the reach of modern science. Another hypothesis is that the alien forces that interfere with us are so much more advanced than us, that deceiving us and our governments as to their true nature are a matter of child’s play for them.

When trying to find an answer which will encompass all the known facts, sometimes one must look beyond the limits of scientific or societal norms as we know them.

Carl Jung theorized of the existence of the archetype, which is a sort of universal symbolic entity which can influence man. Whether these archetypes exist exclusively within the mind of the perceiver, or have a psychic form of their own has been the subject of social researchers ever since.

One group of theories on the subject involves an extra-dimensional element. These theories differ from the extra-terrestrial hypothesis in that they transcend our knowledge of science to find a semi-plausible answer.

If one is to believe that UFOs come from other planets within our galaxy for instance, one must explain how they travel the vast distances between stars if the speed of light is indeed the fastest that one can go.

By utilizing an extra-dimensional belief, these limitations are avoided. Since we know very little about other dimensions there are few scientific bases for refuting any such theory.

The belief of UFOs as time traveling devices falls into this category, since time is now accepted as a separate dimension within the scientific community.

When looking at an unknown phenomenon, it helps to see if there are any external factors which might be influencing the witness’s perceptions. We now know that the witch hunts of the inquisition and beyond might have had some of there origins in the diet of the population at that time. Ergot is a bacterium which grows on the wheat which is used to make brown bread.

Back in those days the poor subsisted on a diet of brown bread and thus where exposed to ergot. Ergot can cause hallucinations in large enough doses, and it may be possible that ergot induced behavior expedited persecution by the church. This is a possible cause of lycanthropy and witch accounts at that time.

External religious influences might be present in unknown phenomenon cases. In the above examples involving ergot, the religious mindset of the time was a factor in how strange behavior would be perceived. Remember that back then, belief in God was a universal concept.

They didn’t have discussions regarding the possibility of an atheistic viewpoint in open society. People that didn’t believe in God would have done well to keep that view to themselves.

It was with this mindset that people of the past viewed strange encounters in their lives, and thus accounts of paranormal phenomenon from that time have a religion-centric viewpoint.

It is relatively easy to point at the people in the past and believe them to be simpletons easily manipulated by fairy tales and the like, but in doing so we forget that the people of the future will likely be doing the same to modern man.

In studying strange phenomenon of the past we don’t always realize that we too are subject to external forces which color our objectivity when searching for truth.

So what are the external factors do we have today which might influence how we perceive paranormal seeming events, namely UFO encounters? Is there a “modern ergot” in our lives, heretofore unknown by us, yet influencing our beliefs?

To blindly dismiss the chance of this might be as folly as the man of the middle ages, believing his neighbor to be a witch after eating too much bad bread.

So what bad bread do we have in our systems when one of us sees a UFO? If we agree that the modern UFO phenomenon began around 1947 with the famous Kenneth Arnold sighting, our most likely influences might be what was called “war nerves.” The war nerves theory was originally supposed by the U.S. military.

World War II had recently ended and the threat of a newer, atomic war on the horizon might have skewed society’s vision, effectively opening the doors of our minds, allowing fictitious alien craft to enter.

A close look at Kenneth Arnold’s account of fast moving, V shaped aircraft suggests that he may have seen a squadron of secret experimental jet aircraft, which would be in development at that time.

Another secret government program existed in the early ’50s known as MKULTRA. This program was started in response to the alleged brain washing of American prisoners of wars by communists during the Korean War. The United States had a problem, American war prisoners in Korea where denouncing the actions of the U.S. military.

These POWs seemed to be embracing communist ideology as a result of re-education inflicted by their captors. What’s more, there were reports that previous POWs were spearheading anti-war movements when they returned to the States.

These situations lead those in our intelligence communities to wonder if the communist had a successful brain washing program in place.

The Cold War was a period of heightened paranoia on both sides. As a result of this the government implemented secret plans which, from today’s perspective, might be considered excessive in means.

MKULTRA was one such program implemented by our government to determine the feasibility of controlling a persons mind. To accomplish these goals, the government would utilize drugs, sensory deprivation, and other means.

Now before you scoff at this, let it be known that THE GOVERNMENT HAS ADMITTED that this program took place. If you go to http://www.theblackvault.com/content-21.html you will find thousands of documents regarding the government’s mind control program.

The files available do not include the ones that the government illegally destroyed to prevent you, a member of the public, from reading.

Favored victims of the MKULTRA program were society’s outcasts. This included drug-users, criminals and the mentally ill. I was thinking along these lines when it occurred to me that Betty and Barney Hill, known as the first modern UFO abduction victims in this country, was an inter-racial couple.

In the early 1960’s, a black man married to a white woman would be considered a social taboo. I submit that this would make them a good candidate for the governments mind control program, which was in full effect at that time.

A little known field of research is that of electronic warfare. This is supposedly done by bombarding an unknowing victim’s brain with extremely low frequency, or ELF waves.

The victim will suffer head pain and become confused. The exact details regarding ELF effects on a person are unknown, but it has been suggested that one could actually resonate sounds off of a persons skull, causing them to hear voices in there head.

One of the main problems when trying to decipher whether electronic warfare accounts are real is that the symptoms of a supposed ELF attack mirror the symptoms of schizophrenia.

What I am supposing is this, what if a secret government agency mounted a device on a helicopter which could bombard an area with extremely low frequencies?

In effect you would have an aerial mounted ELF-gun. Now suppose that this ELF gun was pointed at a car traveling at night in a remote area. The occupants of said car would see the helicopters lights, but they would also be in a state of confusion.

This sounds a lot like Betty and Barney Hills’ original account of what happened to them on a remote road one night. They first reported a light in the sky which followed them, as well as hearing strange sounds and missing time.

They also reported seeing spots on the trunk of their car the next day. Since Mr. Hill kept his gun in that trunk, a ufologist might theorize that these spots were there to neutralize any threats prior to an alien abduction.

These spots might have been the result of a marking agent placed on the car so that it could be spotted from the sky via an inferred filter, or some such method.

Also, let’s not forget that during the Cold War, the Soviets would pour radioactive powder in of a foreign spy’s hotel door so they could track the agent later with a Geiger counter.

Now, the U.S. has admitted to conducting radioactivity experiments on unwitting hospital patients, so is it a stretch to think that some method if tracking a particular vehicle from the air could be devised.

It was only later, through therapeutic practices that the Hills recalled the more bizarre accounts of that night. It has been reported that Betty Hill had an interest in UFOs previous to her encounter, and this might have clouded her memory when she was hypnotized to remember the night in question. Her interest in UFOs might also have made her a good candidate for such a government experiment.

Many people doubt that that the Hills where abducted by aliens on that lonely road all those years ago. But I have a feeling that something happened. This just doesn’t seem like a hoax to me, I think the Hill’s experienced something out of the ordinary. What this X-factor is may never be solved.

The implications should be evident by this time. Although there is no hard fast answer to be found yet, such an answer might exist somewhere. Whether we get the full story someday is yet to be seen.

However, it seems that throughout civilization, humans have had these questions and rarely if ever was an answer found that’s satisfied everyone. www.ufoanswer.com

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