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  • UFO above the tree

    Five of the Best UFO Books for Veterans or Novices Alike

    The UFO Files & Cosmic Test Tube Stand Out from UFO Book Crowd Despite regular polling of Americans and their international counterparts around the world confirming a majority belief in life elsewhere in the universe, the subject of UFOs, extraterrestrials or alien abductions remains a sensitive one indeed. Sadly, there seems little room for middle […] More

  • UFO's and Crop Circles

    UFO’s and Crop Circles: How Aliens Might Visit Earth

    A few years ago, crop circles made headlines because of their strange appearance in the middle of large fields. Newspapers, television, and radio all ran large segments on these unusual formations. The circles were quite large ranging from about 50 to 75 feet in diameter. Crop circles became fodder at the water cooler and the […] More

  • ufo-sightings-in-ancient-times

    UFO Sightings in Ancient Times

    Old Records and Texts that Detail Encounters with Advanced Technology The modern phenomenon of UFO sightings was initially sparked in 1947 when a businessman from Boise, Idaho, reported witnessing bizarre objects flying over the Cascade Mountains in Idaho. Such reports have oftentimes, since then, been discredited by skeptics; but the testimony of people working in […] More

  • unidentified flying object

    UFOs: Perhaps, THIS is What You Saw

    It’s a bird? It’s a jet? Wait… nope, just another UFO. Indeed, reports of strange objects, mysterious crafts, and everything in between have been skyrocketing as of recent. It makes you wonder… Does the much discussed mystery associated with the pending enigmatic New Year (2012) have people buzzing for a visitation? And thus, people are […] More

  • X-Com: UFO Defense

    X-Com: UFO Defense is an Enduring Marvel

    In the world of massively multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, graphical eye candy like NBA 2K11, and epic adventures like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a DOS based, single player tactical game seems rather dull. In the case of X-Com: UFO Defense, nothing could be further from the truth. Originally released with the title […] More

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